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i mean mr drake please

it was just one meat pie

my family was hungry

i pay you back

we known each other since high school

look at what you're doing

this ain't right abner

he's right drake what are we doing we're

all hungry want me to forgive him

you want anarchy stealing raping killing

with no consequenc­es

you want to live out there like they do

scavengers cannibals is that what you


then pack up get out no i

didn't mean that i didn't think so

we're civilized

and i maintain order

whatever it takes





come on kill him already we're trying

this one knows how to drive



he ain't getting the message give him

the good stuff we're supposed to say

that for emergencie­s

get him

hey my rifle skinny with the dynamite



again look out



get away from that

i'm thirsty

am i gonna die


no choice


mr drake chairman commends your efforts

out here on the border you're on a tight

ship no need is compliment­s

i need food weapons the board feels your

rations are appropriat­e for your


and your climate they're a joke but

people are starving

you see some unscrupulo­us mayors in

these border towns hoard rations

they keep themselves and their deputies

well fed while the rest are

but i'm sure you're not one of those of

course not

over the next year all citizens are to

be identified

evaluated and issued a rank believe me

mr drake

there are advantages to having a high

rank what do you want

as i said to evaluate your usefulness to

the ulc

we've repeatedly ordered you to capture

a criminal in your territory called the


make it sound easy it's not regardless

this man is a high priority to the

chairman and must be apprehende­d

we will not give this order again is

that a threat

of course it is if you fail to deliver

the shepherd to us

you will be replaced you have one week


you're him aren't you one they always

talk about

from up north you say you never lose a


i wish they were true

i'm cold wouldn't you pray for me

no need i'm gonna get you patched up


says god doesn't listen to hers anymore

ever since the day maybe

he hears yours

hello what do you want

i need help i got an injured girl here

so so open the gate

i need a doctor i can pay

show me what you got

look there's no time she's gonna die

please open the gate

i like your attitude come back tomorrow


hey wait stop

get out of the car hands up

okay okay you ought to be ashamed of

yourself he has an injured girl in there

you're going to keep him away just cause

you won't pay your bribe drake's gonna

hear about this sofia you've been warned

maybe i'll tell them about that poison

you call liquor you've been making in

your cellar

my cellar would be a great place to hide

your bottle

he's with me we'll see

can you really pay i stuck my neck out

for you i can pay

thanks i'm josh

whatever follow me

can we go any faster we don't want to

attract too much attention

what's with them

they're hungry mayor keeps everyone on a

tight leash around here

but not you keep your mind out of our


get your woman healed and move on she's

not my woman she's 16.

you're right scav's kidnapped her

parents asked me to get her back

is that her angle rescuing girls

just try to help people work another

holy roller

what word of advice don't start

preaching around here

people don't want to hear up there

stab one or abdomen okay all right step

back step back please

how bad is it

not stealing it just not a good idea for

folk to see this

sheriff sure there's a problem at the


deal with it show me

you really care about her you're


i guess i mean people who care don't

normally last long out there

you look like you've been mobile a while

i've been up north for a while

ignore it yeah lots of folks need help

up there

what their stories from ignorant

legends about a man a roller that helps


is that you it's everything i have

is it enough mister the wound is deep

there's a lot of damage i don't have the


you're not a doctor no

was there anybody else here who can help

not anymore

my mom is a surgeon in the town was

where is she she's not here

it's all you need to know is she alive

i don't know listen we have some


okay yeah it's probably enough to keep

her alive for a few days

this will cover it how many days

three maybe after that i have to ask the

mayor for more

i can already tell you his answer

do it where's your mother

oh no

nice car

my deputy says you entered the town


we take the law seriously here i let him

in victor he has an injured girl in

there shut your mouth

here's the way it's gonna go you give me

your keys

then you pay a fine you can't pay

you work

don't do this



kill him

give me that

on your knees or i'll kill you

he didn't do anything it was my fault

i'll deal with you later

get your hands off me

whoa 1972

plymouth road runner got a nice little

383 in there

that's my new baby you treated right

what are you looking at huh

will give me a reason huh

you're gonna hang tomorrow and i'm gonna

hold the rope

feeling the light joke out of you


get out i don't think that's a good idea

let me do the thinking

josh mcmanus

we get holy rollers through here time to

time vigilantes

crusaders stirring up trouble making a

lot of noise about god

and ignoring our laws to get a few

drinks in em

catch em behind closed doors you'll see

the truth what's your point

my point

i think you're the real deal

i can't help but think about all these

stories i'm hearing from up north about


ryder and black man of god

never loses a fight i was just trying to

save that girl's life

i didn't mean to cause any trouble

you entered my town illegally attacked

my deputies

now i gotta hang you it's law

but this chance would have it

we both want the same thing grace

sophia's mother town doctor you need her

so do we

where is she you heard of a man called

the shepherd

yeah i've heard of him i'm kind of a

prophet he's a vagrant

his name is george hilcott drifted

through town last winter talking crazy

one day he just wandered off he assumed

he was dead then i started hearing

stories and

gathering followers performing miracles

grace ran off to join him in the summer

we sent men to find her

some came back empty-hand­ed

and then some didn't come back at all

so you think that i can find him when

your men couldn't my men

couldn't find hay in a haystack but

you're an experience­d rider

and you're motivated

but there's something else

you know who i was before this

nobody i worked at the gas station

part-time have any desire to be in

charge of anything

then the day happened i learned

something about myself

i wasn't going to be a victim for


and i killed a lot of men thought they

could steal from me bully me

next thing i knew half the town was gone

the other half was looking at me for


so i gave it to him

see some of us still want to live

the way we used to not just survive

i don't have the luxury of pondering

prophets or

miracles but i ain't blind either

i've seen things i can't explain this


we've found their tracks camps it's like

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chasing ghosts

something he's a genuine holy man

and he can only be found

by a man of faith do you think i can

find him because

i believe you find the shepherd

you'll find grace and you'll save the


or you can do nothing i'll hang in the


it's up to you

you got lucky ryder next time i'm gonna

break you in half well there you go bud

gassed up hold up she is a view

50 miles west of here we know the

shepherd and his people use this


moving through smuggling refugees

christians across the border to canada

i'll be back with the doctor

don't let her die well it's up to you

you sure you know what you're doing the

perfect guy for the job comes along at

exactly the right time

that's something i can't ignore

you find a religion on me



didn't take the gas just the meat


hey hey

are you kidding me

you see sheriff

what are you doing

mr drake why is he taking our supplies

she's an outsider we take care of our

own first

she's gonna die how's the signal

satellites online we're in business

we got a problem sophia's missing

no one can find her anywhere

did you have that car in your sight at

all times yeah sure

okay well maybe not the whole time now

that i think on it

she's gonna ruin everything

i'm sorry okay come on

i know how bad this looks but you don't

understand you don't know what he's like

i'm his prisoner and so was my mom until

she escaped josh

i tried to leave but they just won't let

me you were my only out

i'm sorry okay what are you doing

there's enough gas to get you back to

town what it's ten miles that way

don't follow me are you listening to me

i'm not going back there i have to find


i have to find her don't do this okay

you can't trust him

you don't know what he's like josh john

don't leave me here out of my own cup

come on




really got me that time ellie well i had

to make it look good

didn't i missed it

i know


bring him up

oh wait look at these whales bobby

cannot keep it bobby mcallister

of what mama say only take what we need

but come on can i just drive it once you

can drive it home

hey we're gonna sell it to honcho that's

it you understand


just got a fever it's just not gonna

last three days

what do we do i don't know well we took

that man's payment we have to do


what are you doing somebody will see it

i don't care

i don't care

where's your big brother is that back

with today's catch




means you're gonna scream

beg for your life not high on my list of

things to do today

wouldn't happen to know where i could

find the shepherd could you

i'll say the name under my roof

bring a blight down on us that's what he

promised hell and damnation

if we didn't repent he didn't fool me

he wouldn't know prophet he was a demon

do you know where i can find him

mom has been wanting to cook with some

new flavors

i keep telling the people around here

ain't gonna go for it

it's a car you have to bring ten times

where you'll meet well my hair

coming mama i'm coming


hot pockets dr pepper

ben and jerry's

this place smells almond joy

cool whip what it's gone

ain't never gonna come back

these rednecks they give me the creeps

why don't we just kill them and take the


run from and you learn straight off

can't make no money off of the dead mine


one of these days you're gonna tell me

where you're from right

right it's none of your business

where i'm from

hello gentlemen


i thought i told you not to follow me oh

okay well if you want to be dinner

that's fine by me i'll just i'll leave

okay find the key


be careful


stay calm there's so many

just focus well that's easy for you to


soon mama real soon

ah it's not here there's got to be

another key ring

oh look




you still in one piece

you should have killed them they're

going to be trouble

yeah you don't want it

no okay

the car was sold to a man named hancho

he's the boss of the local swap meet

you know him yeah i know i'm charming

where is he we're walking

that's 30 miles from here looks like it

so we're a team we'll see

which way that way

hey josh yeah i think i'm done eating

meat for a while

yeah me too


nice car man back off

touchy's wheels are my permission i will

skin you alive and feed you to my


back off back off

don't tell him what happened here

it was a fight though where to next

ulc hunk of junk oh no

no no no come on back

there we go oh francie where is he

well he ain't at the mcallister farm


huh looks like he's way out at hancho's


at the swap meet he's going the wrong


go and if sophia's with him just

get rid of her split him up is that what

this is about

i think he can find the shepherd because

he believes and she'll jinx it

you just do what i tell you i'm telling


i can find him we don't need this writer

it's been five months and you ain't

found him yet

got it


go help your brother

you don't talk much

so what's your story i never met a

writer who wasn't a total creep

so what is it did you lose someone on

the day

family probably everyone did

wife my daughter

they were saved i'm sorry

but i bet that's good right because

they're in heaven

can you teach me to believe

what you believe growing up i never even

went to church

my mom just thought it was a waste of


we had no interest in it so

joke's on us right

what what come on

where are you i can't find you

please please my shepherd

shepard my shepherd

hey hey stay back

i'll cut you who got you i'm not gonna

hurt you

that's what they all say i'm looking for

the shepherd too

you know him yeah

i found him and i walked with him

then one night i left when i tried to

come back i

i couldn't i couldn't come back i can't

control it

the devil the devil is in my the devil's

my brain and i

i can't get him out i can't get him out

he tells me to do things

they weren't they weren't supposed to


like that not like that can you help me

find him

i don't think he'll let me find him i

don't think oh he won't let me find him

oh who's gonna burn gonna burn listen to


jesus is there for you he loves you

he will forgive you

listen me it's okay here

you have it you have it yeah

i will give this to you but will you

help me find him

oh we'll the hell

i'll help you find him okay help here

here here

just point out just point out on the map

went out on the map we last saw

just stay calm this is what

this is where i lost him that's on yeah

right here okay okay here here

here you go


why'd you let them live you saw what

they are

never kill a man if there's another


and there almost always is stay low

is that what it says in your book no

that's what i say


you made that rule up for yourself are

you kidding me they're trying to kill us

take it i don't need it what here's the


i'm gonna draw that fire after i leave

count to ten

and run for that house don't come out

don't let go get you

wait no no



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hello is there anybody there

hello we'll find you


this way i say they split up both of you


look sharp

i see him

stop it it ain't him

what's he doing he thinks he's smart

where's johnny


got it what happened

come on

i don't like this bobby maybe we should

forget about this one

that's what he wants but he's just me

like all the rest

we're gonna find you and your woman too

i had the chance to kill you and i


walk away you don't scare us

you got lucky not luck this way


i'm sorry i didn't i didn't know anyone

was here

oh that's all right dear it's nice to

see your friendly face

i don't usually get many visitors listen

you need to go down to your cellar and

hide hide

what's all this about

there are people in the woods trying to

kill us can't you hear them

i don't care about that young folks

always fighting

i just love how the trees look in the

winter aren't they lovely

come on we need to go downstairs

oh all right what's your name

beatrice they call me aunt b on account

i never did take a husband i suppose i

regret never having children

i was a midwife you know i saw so many

die in childbirth

i guess it put me off the idea the good

lord was the only husband i ever needed

can't be oh

hello do i know you

it's nice to see a friendly face i don't

get many visitors

huh why are you still here

didn't you hear him call

who jesus

i don't think so no i don't know you

don't know

well you better start listening it's

almost fine

what do you mean time for what

why the end

tell me how do i hear him

if you seek him you'll hear him

jesus is the door if anyone enters

through him

ye shall be saved i don't understand

are you simple girl don't you know your


it's all in the bible and the good book

i'm coming lord i hear you

i do love how the woods smelled at the


don't they look lovely




it's okay

it's okay


local's here there's no sign of the

writer or sophia

what do you want you're in this vehicle

where is he

well you're looking at him where did you

get it the previous owners are still


i ain't got to tell you nothing let me

talk to him

listen parasite i allow your gathering

in my county because you serve a purpose

now serve your purpose you listen to me

this is the wild all right this is my

world so you hide behind your walls

like the lap dog you are cause we are

free men here


don't be stupid without gasoline you're


you have nothing well then maybe i

stopped letting your boys

come around here no more playtime no


no more fun i don't think you want that

what's it worth to you two barrels

done i should have asked for more

okay straight up i bought this car from

the weird rednecks

out at the phone that's it go talk to


come on let's go party


where's your boss on the phone

no no he's still alive

those mcallister­s would have gotten to

better him

he's still alive and he'll be coming for

his car

you still have your guy there yeah

he'll do anything you want for a price


pull back we don't want to battle give

your guy a cell

and have him watch the car if sophia is

with josh

make sure she doesn't leave with him

kill her if you have to

it was so quick

i pulled the trigger and he was dead

too quick

too easy when you have a gun

you don't consider other choices

is that it can i not you know

go thou shall not kill


jesus is the way to heaven

is the only way

turn the other cheek he said that right

yeah so what if someone's trying to kill


i'm still working on that sometimes it

seems like we have no choice

fight or die when you believe

when you truly believe there's always a


death isn't the end you're not afraid to


no i know i'm going to a better place

that shouldn't be hard

how can god allow all this to happen

how can he permit so much suffering

but now we see the truth

now that his hand is gone his light

his love

we see what the world is really like

without him

nothing to restrain the selfishnes­s the


but if you know you're going to a good


then why do you still fight

because of you everyone

who's still out there there's still a


i can help them i can help them find the


and that's worth fighting for

you're a good man

i almost forgot what would look like

you might be the last one on earth


josh isn't here dude where's josh

he's out there somewhere trying to find

help keep fighting you're going to get

through this

i'm praying for you if you're josh

josh can look after himself you don't


he's important he's going to do

something what's he going to do a man

told me

josh is going to do i can't remember

maybe it was just a dream

he showed me a hammer

a witness amanda

a moving city a broken sphere

a golden bridge endless fire

a throne of light

so many people deny the day

say it didn't happen it was a solar

flare or something

we're not even supposed to talk about it

especially not when those ulc creeps are


and i'm not stupid i know what i saw

i was in denver downtown at a music


and there were thousands of people in

the street so they had to block it off

i was on a double date with brian my


and my mom and her new friend

i forget his name and then all of a


this light filled the sky

and at first we thought it was part of

the show

then we knew it was something different

it moved through you

knowing every single part of you

then there was this sound like a

a bomb or an earthquake and people

panicked they

they went everywhere it was crazy

that was

that was the first time i had ever seen

someone die

but then i saw them i saw them people

glowing from within

but they weren't afraid at all they


into a single speck of light and

and flew away

what about you where were you on the day

small town

i had some trouble with the biker gangs

and i killed a few of them

does the day go by when people aren't

trying to kill you

the next day i found the lord a little


teach me please

i'm not the guy you want maybe the

shepherd can but i'm asking you

i mean i can i can tell you what it says

in here but

it's up to you to believe

so what does it say

well jesus speaking here he says

i am the way the truth and the life

no one comes to the father but through


now i don't understand i i want you to

start at the beginning

can you teach me everything

all right in the beginning

god created the heavens and the earth

and the earth was formless and empty

thing to remember is that

salvation can't be bought or earned like

it was some kind of a prize

it's a relationsh­ip it's it's through

faith through devotion through his

sacrificia­l blood on the cross that

opened the door to heaven for us

but we still have to accept

i resisted for a long time

didn't think that he could love someone

like me

certainly didn't think that he would die

for someone who did the things that i


but i was wrong

he can and he did

does that make sense more than you know

we're here stay close

all right

let's go

you're here

get out of here

you're drake's girl what are you doing

off the reservatio­n

sweetie easy she's with me

hey stop him you're in trouble now bucko

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just watch out now huh

wait wait i want to see this


all right why do you have to go bust up

my party huh

i had to put a bullet in you my car no

correction that is

my car find his keepers man you want it

you have to trade

it was stolen i don't have anything to


what you do oh yes you do

i've had my eye on this one yeah

i could get a very good place throughout

west in the king's territorie­s

i'm not for sale ah well then we're done


no deal bye-bye oh

unless less what

well you're a good fighter

and hancho knows how to make money

a man





and finally our newest challenger

uh the block



all right whatever


so what do you think of the competitio­n

can you take him

where's your accent oh okay that's

it's just for show it's pretty good

though right yeah i guess

no it's it's good so i was the uh

drama coach it's saint charles community


yeah see an accent makes you mysterious


got a good feeling about you about us

working together look i just want to get

this over with and get out of here

you got to be in such a hurry there's a

fortune to be made here

see i run it all a little girl is dying

and you're wasting my time with games

i'm looking for a doctor sofia's mother


once she died who told you that

or disappeare­d i don't know what am i

the village gossip

just beat these chumps

the first fight will be the black rider







the black ryder






and the winner is the black rider




oh the winner is

the black rider black rider

your new champion

wait wait wait it has been a rousing day

here in the pit

some of you bet against honcho's man

and now we're regretting it but because

our host

is so generous he has scheduled

one more match to determine his

true champion a chance to win back your


we had a deal honcho and we still do

you win the tournament you win the car

but the tournament­'s over yeah bro

free men and ladies of the borderland­s

it's the black rider versus

the beast



no more backs












oh hey where do you think you're going

we're done here no no no we're just

getting started

hey get out of the car man

you can't go without these

hey why are you standing around like

idiots go get em

hey we got movement

oh no no no no what

we're leaking fuel

how far is the shepherd's camp i don't

know no one knows where it is here

that guy put a mark on the map josh that

guy was crazy

just look it's about 20 miles from here

we're not gonna make it

you did everything you could josh more

than anyone else would have

i didn't you're right i put limits on


josh where did you get that josh

josh there is always a better way

you taught me that and it's true josh

you taught me how to find peace to not

be afraid

not even of dying violence

anger revenge that'll that'll lead you

away from it

you don't want to do things josh

because of you i believe

i believe jesus died for us i believe he

protects us

and he makes a way

you believe that too don't lose your




what's going on why aren't they stopping

it's like they can't even see us

would you like to meet the shepherd

yes yes please

follow me

what about the car all will be provided


don't worry

system up eat


where did you get these i thought these

died out hey

nice to meet you

what's happening here i don't know

whether to be happy or worried

be glad this is as the lord wants us to


so it was once so shall it be again

wow this is incredible

how are these growing so well you're


looks like you found what you were

looking for

welcome i'm rahul

i'm the mechanic around here you got it

without saying a word and just

wandered onto the prairie

at this point we're used to it he's a


that's what they say but to us he's

brother george

he's always where he needs to be i don't

know how he knows but

he does i don't know myself

i just have a feeling of what i'm

supposed to do and i do it

this morning i was reading and praying

for guidance how i

how i was going to reach the coast and i

had this sudden

urge to walk out onto the highway and

there i found

brother joshua and sister sophia

you know our names you told me didn't


no oh

i uh i guess i just know

brother raul would you please tell

brother josh's car back to camp

i i have a feeling

huh george

george can you help my plant i've tried


it's dying okay

come back later

i'm sorry i'm sure you have many


yes my mother grace is she here

great there's no one here by that

name what what no

no no that's impossible she looks like

me she's my height she's in her 60s

she's a doctor

i know all of my people she's not here

what is this what what do you want

to get paid she's here we were told

she's here

we need her a girl's life is at stake

i'm sorry someone told you she was here

who was it was this person trustworth­y

i don't believe it

i don't understand why would he lie

about this

if she's not here then where is she

josh josh look

look what

that's impossible how did you do that

how did you do that i really don't know

i pray for sick things to heal and they


i pray for small things to grow they do

i pray for evil to stay away

and it does can you do that for a person

yes there's a girl who's dying in town

can you help us i figured there was a

reason god brought us together

you need something from me and i need

something from you

what do you need forgive me

give me i um i should explain

i was in a coma result of a life of bad


drugs crime prison i was not a nice man

i was not supposed to wake up but i did

on the day i heard a voice and i saw a


a light that that's still there on the

edge of my sight a choir

it's always on the edge of my hearing a


that i can almost feel when when i reach

up my head

since i woke up

the memories of my life are slipping


and replaced by wonderful visions from

the lord people

places journeys to faraway lands from

different times

i saw the deserts of egypt like i was


i saw the first temple of jerusalem

it was like i was sitting at the table

with jesus and

his disciples

i remember their faces

i know languages i've never learned

i need you to help me follow his call


i've stayed here helping people best i


waiting for what comes next and last


the call came again the urge i have to

go back to the holy land

there's another one out there just like

me somewhere

and together we will meet in jerusalem

and we must bear witness

to what happens there

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you want me to take you to the middle

east no

just to the coast

god will provide me safe passage from


but you'll stop in town first

i doubt if it's going to be that easy

but i will go

what time is it almost sundown

i can't be right how long were we in


time moves a bit strange around brother


you get used to it she's got a leak

not anymore it's all patched up

she's a beauty you mind if i take a look

under the hood sure go ahead

if i didn't see with my own eyes i

wouldn't have believed it yeah me too

did it say anything about this in the


it talks about two witnesses in the book

of revelation

but it doesn't really specifies that who

they are just that they're

prophets with the power of god it says

there are two olive trees and two

lampstands and they

stand before the lord of the earth the

lord of the earth

satan the devil

they're supposed to preach the people

the world

and their words will be like fire and

they'll kill anyone who tries to harm


and then the beast will rise up and

destroy them

man i thought i had problems

you okay

i'm sorry about your mother

i just don't know if she's alive or dead

your people they're they're leaving

we knew this day would come don't worry

they'll be safe

found this on the inside of your fender

what's it for

oh no what is it

he never wanted us to bring back your

mother what do you mean

we're here the shepherd

where is he i'm here

there's no need for violence what i

surrender no you can't

is it him it's all right brother joshua

it's okay

it's him

get him in the truck he's not going

anywhere with you oh will you please

shut up

brother joshua yes have faith in god's


faith in god's plan search the building

kill anything that moves starting with


call the ulc

tell them that i have what they want

nobody home this place clear let's go

bring the car we're moving out

where is she where is my mother

i'm your hate they're on the way

no one sleeps tonight nobody comes in

and out of here for any reason

don't take your eyes off him nothing's

gonna happen

don't do this please i've seen what he

can do abner it's the real thing

it's not a trick you have to let him go

i remember a girl who crawled to my


willing to do anything for a roof over

her head a hot meal

and i took you in you and your mother

and this is the thanks i get

is she still alive

well things go back to normal

well you do as you're told

the ulc needed surgeons after the war

i sent her to them she's still alive as

far as i know

i'm sorry i lied to you

it was necessary



i'm with you joshua

how is

who are you

you know me joshua

it's you lord that's not possible

you wouldn't it says the peace

i've not returned yet that time is still


you can help me you can do anything

i can but in the right time and for the

right reason

the shepherd who touched them he prayed

for me

can he really heal only god can heal


the witness is an instrument by god's


through him that which seems impossible

can become possible

the choice is yours

i have a choice there's always a choice

does that mean that i can i can see

them again rachel

and your daughter and your parents

waiting for you all you have to do is

take my hand

but they need me here

if i don't help them how will they

the shepherd he's he's part of the


son have no fear the prophecies will be

fulfilled be it one way or another

one river is calm while the other is


in one boat many will be saved

and the other many will be lost

maybe i maybe i don't want the


i'm tired of fighting

it's never enough for everyone that i

save a hundred

it matters a great deal to that one


matters to me

help me lord

what do i do





someone's coming norm no one gets in


he ain't slowing down

i don't like this

how much longer touchdown in about 30


one two three

four five six

seven eight


this life is only temporary mr drake

remember that

do not stop for yourselves treasures on

earth where moth and rust destroy and

where thieves break in and steal

but store it for yourselves treasures

shut up

just shut up

hey what's going on hey come here

help out what happened

are you crazy drake'll have me hanged

then i'll do it anything's better than

just watching her die molly don't go do

something stupid

she's not even one of us she's an


josh did you find grace no but i found

someone even better

how is she she's not good whatever

you're gonna do do it fast

hang on

don't let her die

they'll be here in five minutes

time to go get him ready

you're not gonna give me any problems

right holy man

not the kind you would understand

balls fuel injectors have all been cut

these ladies won't be rolling for weeks

mcmanus thought he said you took care of

him i put two in his chest he was dead

send the shepherd to me doesn't look

very dead to me shoot him

student where is everybody no more

backup drake

it's over you think this is over you

have no idea who you're dealing with


move on stop whatever they're paying you

it's not worth it please just let them


start it up boss she is not ready yet

start it

up everybody inside




oh come on



you in one piece yeah barely

they're taking you to the airfield here

take it

no complaints

i don't have a choice you do have a



have two

keep your hands up

i don't know who you are but you have no

idea what you're

involving yourselves in you can't have


not today not ever be

sensible we can make this worth your

while you're wrong to think you could

change the prophecies

i don't know what you're talking about

i suggest you find a very deep hole to

hide in

the chairman will hear about this he'll

hear about you




is it working she's fading well she

can't be

you you did it for me why

why why isn't it working

i i i've done all i can as far as i

understand it the rest is up to him

he fought so hard for me my parents will

miss me so much

and i'll miss them i should go back

you don't want to go back

no i want to go with you lord

you have a gentle spirit

these end of times are hard times

filled with sadness will they be okay


we're no longer for the world child


come with me


i'm so sorry

i don't understand

i don't understand




there's a captain with the cargo ship

and he's willing to take us across


you're not coming are you

you could stay with me

that'd be nice

but i have to do this i have to go there

with him

i want to be a part of it

come with us something tells me i should


i think i should listen

are you sure

stay with me

i can't i'll be dangerous

i'm not afraid


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