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  • 1 1. Family Definition Essay
  • 2 Introduction
  • 4 Conclusion
  • 5 2. My Family Introduction Tree
  • 6 3. Importance of Family Essay
  • 7 Introduction
  • 8 4. Why I Love My Family Essay
  • 9 5. I Love My Family Short Essay
  • 10 6. My Family Paragraph
  • 11 Introduction
  • 12 Conclusion
  • 13 7. My Family Essay For Kids in English
  • 14 8. My Family Essay For Kindergarten
  • 15 9. Ten (10) Lines on My Family In English
  • 19 13. My Family Essay For 9th and 10th Class Students
  • 20 14. Thankful For My Family Essay, My Family is My Support Essay
  • 21 15. A Memorable Day Spent Out With My Family Essay
  • 22 16. My Family Speech
  • 23 17. 3 Minutes Short Speech My Family
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My family is my identity. It is everything that I love. Read the following essays, speeches, Paragraphs and articles on topic my family with headings and subheadings, introduction, conclusion,quotes, examples and images.

My Family Essays |13+ Essays, Paragraphs & Speeches - Ten4Kids (1)

These essays and speeches are short and long with different variations like; 10 lines, few more sentences, short, easy and simple words, introduction of family tree, why I love it, lessons and advice etc.

1. Family Definition Essay


The six lettered word family is very broad in sense. It is very difficult to define a family in lines. A family includes parents grandparents and children.

In general, a family is defined as the group of people living together within four walls. In broader sense all family members vary in respect of work and position.

Family Setup; Roles & Responsibilities

All closely related individuals give birth to a family. There are certain points of resemblance in family members. They either resemble in structure, actions or physical appearance.

All Family members may resemble in size and shape but their ideas, thoughts and view of life may vary to each other. Despite all differences and changes they live under one roof. All family members always help and support one another.

It is observed that a family has a head. In a small family father is usually the head of the family. It is he who posses all authorities over his family.

His responsibility and duty is not the duty of other family members. The head of the family is he who earns and works every waking moment to earn the livelihood of whole family.

On the other hand mother in a family has a distinct job. She works in kitchen most of the time. She cooks foods and serves to all family members on time. Mainly a mother holds higher responsibilities. It is mother who makes the home a garden of paradise.

She being a mother is responsible to educate her kids. It is her duty to inculcate moral, social and religious etiquette in her children. The bright future of children lies in the hands of the mother who can lead her children on right path.


It means that a family survives and flourishes when all family members are united and discharge their duties diligently. Unity is power thus a family can help sustain without unity.

2. My Family Introduction Tree

My family is my pride. I owe everything to my family.I am going to introduce you with my family. This is my family.
I have a large family. I have three brothers and four sisters.I have an eldest brother and an eldest sister. The names of my eldest brother and eldest sister are Aneel and Reekha

My Family Essays |13+ Essays, Paragraphs & Speeches - Ten4Kids (2)

I have one second eldest brother his name is Nikhil. I have a second eldest sister, her name is Diviyya. I have a younger brother his name is Rakesh. I have a younger sister, her name is Ekkta. And I have a baby sister, her name is Sara.

My eldest brother is nineteen years old. He studies in college. My eldest sister is seventeen years old. She is has passed tenth class. My second eldest brother is fifteen years old. He is in ninth class. My second eldest sister thirteen years old, she is in class eight.

I am 11 years old. I study in class seven. My younger brother is nine years old. He is in class four. While my younger sister is six years old. She is in class one. I have a baby sister. Her age is two years. She is cute just like a doll. We all love her a lot.

I have a grandfather. His name is Susheel Sharma. My grandfather is eighty years old. I have a grandfather mother. Her name is Aneeta. She is 75 years old.

I have a father. His name is Vijesh. He is fifty years old. He is High School Teacher. I have a mother. Her name is Aarti Sharma. She is forty six years old. My mother is a house wife.

The Supreme heads of my family are my grandparents. Next to them are my parents. This is the beautiful tree of my family.

3. Importance of Family Essay


Family is defined as the collective body of persons living in one house under one head.Mostly a family comprises of husband and wife and their children.

A family is the fundamental unit in the organization of a society. A society is constructed of families living within. A large group of families forms a society. Each and every family contribute in the development of a society.

Without families one can not imagine a society. A good family is the basic pillar of a healthy society. Societies are the reflection of families. What a family does or holds is reflected in the society.

In an individual’s life family plays an important role, a family is the security and support of an individual.It paves a ground where one can share his feelings and emotions and can discuss issues and problems of life.

It is believed that man is a social animal, one can not live isolated. Man needs someone to share his happiness and sorrows. Life is not smooth always, there are ups and downs in life hence family is means of our survival.

Behind every mentally and emotionally strong person there is a family. A family gives strength and makes one mentally strong.

Without family and family members the continuity of culture and traditional norms is impossible. The rich and appealing cultures and traditions have passed from one generation to another. Family gives way to the promotion of culture and customs.

The element of responsibility is born in a family. It makes man responsible and well disciplined to lead a good and peaceful life. It is a celebrated truth that a responsible person is the product of family.

Even the social,physical and financial well being of an individual is based upon family. It is said that behind every successful person there is the hand of women.

A woman can be a mother, a wife, a daughter or a sister. It means that without the support of family one can not excel in life nor can be an independent person.

One learns the morality, Cleanliness and all virtues of life in a family. A family makes man complete. Without a family man is incomplete.

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4. Why I Love My Family Essay

Word family means a group of members living together within the boundaries of four walls, connected with one another by birth or by any relation.

I belong to a middle class family. I love my family too much. My family consists of my father and mother, my brothers and sisters and my grandparents. Parents are the asset of an individual and all individuals are an asset their parents.

My parents are my pride. We are all united at home. We all love one another and help one another. I help my parents in their daily domestic chores.

I only desire to see happiness on the face of my family members. There is nothing dearer to me after them. There will be hardly any one who do not love his or her family members.

Everything comes next to them. Our efforts and struggles are exerted to gladden our parents and all family members.

I hold a high esteem and respect for my parents who nourished and nurtured me finely. They educated and enabled me to stand on my on feet.

None other than my family members worried about my bright future. The prideful position that I have achieved is the result of the dedication of my family members.

My whole life is spent under the supervision of my elders. They always stood by me and rectified my mistakes and made me good human. Above all they sacrificed their needs to fulfill my needs.

My younger brothers and sisters are my soul. I play with them to make them happy. Playing with my brothers and sisters enlivens my deserted being. To me the whole world seem depopulated when my family members are away. The real happiness lies in the service of family members.

My family is the center of my attention. The bondage of love, care and affection among my family members is unbreakable. We all feel comfort and security being united within four walls of home.

We celebrate all religious, historical and national events together with zeal and zest. I adore my family members and work every waking moment to please my parents.

My Family Essays |13+ Essays, Paragraphs & Speeches - Ten4Kids (3)

5. I Love My Family Short Essay

The parents and their children form a beautiful family. The father and mother are the basic pillars of a family.

I love my family. We all love each other because the bond of blood among us is the strongest bond. In spite of differences of opinions and ideas we share love and care among one another.

We support and help one another to outshine in life. It is rightly said that “A family is the best thing you could ever wish for. They are there for you during ups and downs and love you no matter what”.

A loving family is the gift of God. One who have a peaceful and loving family lives a happy life. The happiness that I enjoy is all due to my family.

My father and mother who sacrificed everything to make me happy, in return I love them a lot and care them to make them happy.

I would rather die to let my parents suffer any hardship or difficulty. They never let me go down in life, nor they left me alone. Therefore it is my first and foremost responsibility to serve them.

I can not repay their love and sacrifices that they paid to build my life and my future. However, I can serve them to show my love. My love with my parents in comparison to their love to me is very very small. Though they lived their life but I had been the center of their attention.

I am very grateful to God who has blessed me with such affectionate and loving parents. I need not to ask any thing more from God since I am already blessed with a treasure, which is my family.

My father is like a sun to me. If he had not been there I had been in darkness and ignorance. He is the light. He showed me the world and made me stand on my own feet.

Wherever I go, I carry the light gifted from my father. While my mother always instructed to follow the advice and instructions of my father. I love my family more than anything else and I owe everything to my family.

6. My Family Paragraph


A group of people related to each other by blood, marriage and adoption living together and supporting one another is called a family.

My Family Essays |13+ Essays, Paragraphs & Speeches - Ten4Kids (4)

In my immediate family there are total nine members. My parents, my grandparents and my two younger brothers and two little sisters. My father is a government employee while my mother is a house wife. My brothers and sisters are students.

My father is very humble and honest person. He is always in the state of peace. He dislikes noise in the house. He loves discipline in life. My father is very hard worker. He likes simplicity and cleanliness.

My mother is very active house wife. She does all her works with interest. Since none except my mother runs the machinery of our house. She cooks delicious and tasty foods, serves food to all family members, keeps home neat and clean.

She works from dawn to dusk to finish all routinely house chores. There is no leave in the life of my mother. She work all days of the month. She never sit lazy nor wastes her time.

My brothers are sisters being students studies round the clock. My parents and I keep an eye on their studies. On the daily basis they complete their school home works. I mostly find them engaged in their studies. They help one another to write their assignments and to write presentations.

I blindly rely at my parents and always seek advise from my grandparents. Whenever I needed their help they gladly helped and encouraged me to excel in life. My had been dull and meaningless without family.

The elders are the leading light of a family. Their presence in the house is a blessing because they teach social and religious etiquette and inculcate good morals among family members.

All that I possess I have learnt from my parents. My family have taught me the values of life. All social graces that I reveal and the moral teachings that I follow, are a gift of my family.

Though my family is middle class family, but they provided me and younger brothers and sisters everything that we needed. My parents devoted their whole life to brighten our future. They have always tried to give us better education and better life.

In addition to it all my family members are very helpful to one another. At the time of need and difficulty we become a single strong body and face hardships with ease and comfort. The unity among us is our strength.

My family is the seed and I am the fruit of my family. My parents are the garden and I am their fruit. I had not been anything if they had not been. Since my birth they have been blessing me selflessly. Their selfless love and care helped me achieve all achievements.


Family is the name of togetherness, this closeness makes us human. Family is the name of selfless love and care. I love the peaceful and loving environment of my family.

We share our happiness and sorrows with one another. Man is a social animal, one can not live alone. Like wise I can’t live without my family. I love my family.

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7. My Family Essay For Kids in English

Family is a set of members living together within a house. I have nine family members. My father is the head of my family. He is a good school teacher.

He wakes up early in the morning and goes to teach at school. He is very punctual to his duty and loves his profession.

Teaching is his passion. He has been teaching since last ten years. In my family all important decisions are taken under the consent of my father.

My mother is a housewife. She works whole the day long. My mother is very religious. Waking early in the morning is her routinely act.

She perform some religious rituals at first later she prepare breakfast for all family members. We all take breakfast together. After taking breakfast my father drops me at my school.

My mother is the center of my family. She loves me a lot. She love my younger brother and sisters too. My mother washes our dirty clothes, irons them and she dresses us neatly. She is always active to her routinely works. She sweep and clean our house daily and keep home neat and clean.

My younger brothers and sisters are the beauty of my family. My parents become very happy when they find me and my younger brothers and sisters playing together. My family is the perfect family because none of my family members is violent. We all live peacefully.

On the whole my grandparents are the pillars of my family. My grandfather loves me and my brothers and sisters equally. My grandmother never cease to surprise us telling stories of past. My father look after my grandparents. We all take care of their health.

I love my family. I obey my parents and love my family members. My life start and ends at my family members. There is no substitute of my family.

I owe everything to my family members who contributed collectively in my success. May my family members never succumb to any hardship. May the peace and love never cease to exist among my family members.

8. My Family Essay For Kindergarten

My family is my life. There is nothing important than my family to me. My father is a doctor. He goes to clinic daily. My father is my hero. He always guides me. He is very honest and simple.

He is sweet like honey. My mother is a house wife. She is very polite and loving in nature. My mom loves me too much. She never ever get angry at me. She treats me affectionately.

I love my parents because they love me too. I can not live without my father and my mother. In my family there is my elder brother, he is very gentle and handsome boy. He loves me and help me in my studies. He helps to complete my school home work.

My little sister is the beauty of my family. She is very near and dear to me. I play with her and make her happy.
My grandparents are very soft heart. They love me unconditionally. I love my family. May God bestow long life to all my family members.

9. Ten (10) Lines on My Family In English

1. My family is a group of nine members, brothers, sisters, grandparents including my parents.

2. We all together form a family and live united and help one another.

3. My grandfather is the Supreme head of my family, my father is next to him.

4. My grandmother is the supervisor of my family while my mother completes all works.

5. There is no conflict among us, sometimes little fights happen in my family, despite all differences we live peacefully.

6. My elder brother possess ministerial powers, he takes active part in decisions.

7. My family support and encourage me. My mother is my best teacher.

8. My father listens me patiently and always cares my emotions and feelings. My parents never ignore me.

9. My family is always supportive, caring and dedicated one. There is no substitute of my family members.

10. I am grateful to God who has bestowed me such loving parents and caring family members. May God bestow them good health.

10. My Family Essay For Class 1&2

My family comprises of my loving father, affectionate mother, my brothers and sisters and my grandparents. We all respect and care one another. Though we have different opinions and views but we are united.

My father is an engineer. He designs buildings and bridges and is very talented in his filed. While my mother is doctor. She treats patients and takes our good care. She likes cleanliness at home and teaches us to be neat and clean.

I have one elder brother and an elder sister. My elder brother studies in a university. He is interested in teaching. While my elder sister studies law. My elder sister is very confident and talented. She want to be a Judge.

My grandparents are the beauty of our house. My grandfather is very religious. My grandmother tells us touching stories of past and entertains us.

My family is the best family in our society because my family believes in love, care, respect, justice and equality. My parents value the social ethics and teach us to be good members of the society. My parents always inspire me to be a good citizen.

11. My Family Essay For Class 3,4 & 5

A family is the smallest unit of a society. My family is a middle class family. There are total eight family members in my beloved family. My grandfather is the oldest one in our family.

My father is the head of our family. He is a government employee. He goes to his office and is very dedicated to his work. My mother is a house wife. She is very simple and humble.

I always found my mom cool and calm. She works whole the day long. She serves us delicious foods and keep us united. My mother is the center of our family. She connects us all and takes good care of all family members.

I have two brothers, one is my elder and one is younger to me. My elder brother always treats me politely. I play with my younger brother.

I have two sisters. My elder sister is genius and clever. I and my younger sister go to school together. I protect my little sister at school.

We all live peacefully. My father is the head of our family so we all follow his dictation and commands. He encourages us to learn more and to be more.

I like the happy and peaceful environment of my family. My grandfather being experienced one always teaches us to be well disciplined and honest.

He emphasizes to be honest to others specially in our neighborhood. He believes that man is known by his or her tongue so he tries to teach us how to talk and how to react.

12. My Family Essay For 6,7 & 8th Class

My family is a big family. It is a blessing of God to have a big family. Having a big family one finds home always warm and full. There is hustle and bustle in our house.

The movement of all of my family members under one roof is very entertaining to me. It is a type of thrilling experience of life to be a part of big family.

In my family we are all twelve members. Each member is the beauty of my family. My grandparents are the basic pillars of my family.

Both my grandfather and grandmother are very old. They do not go out of home. However, my grandfather goes out rarely while my grandmother is present at home round the clock.

My parents are very loving, caring and helping in nature. My father is my hero and my ideal role model. He is a doctor and is very careful of our health.

He being a doctor never let us consume any thing which may affect our health. He makes us eat fresh fruits and fresh juices to be healthy and energetic. My mother is a house wife. She is very strict. She cooks and serves us delicious foods.

I have an elder brother. He is twenty years old. He is in first year of college. I am the second beloved son to my father. I am in class eight. I have two sisters. My sisters are the fascination of my eyes. My sisters are enrolled in the same school where I am studying.

The brother of my father, his wife and his two children are also the part of my family. We all live in one house. Our house is very big like our family.

My uncle is an officer. He never discriminates between his children and in us. He loves all of us equally. I respect my uncle and his wife and they both love me a lot, too. May my all family members always have long life.

13. My Family Essay For 9th and 10th Class Students

The family is defined as the immediate group of people who share genetic bond or they are interconnected by blood. In my family there is strong bond of attraction, love and care among each other. We all share same genes. Naturally blood relations are the stronger relations.

All blood relations like father,mother, brothers, sisters, grandparents and others including aunts, uncles, cousins are the true relations on earth.

My family is an extended family. There is a wide circle of blood relations living together under one roof. I am the fourth son to my father. Both my father and mother are government officers.

I have two elder brothers and two younger sisters. I have one uncle and one aunt. My grandparents are the leading light of our family.

My father is a police officer. He is very strict and very honest. He likes discipline at home. He pays extra attention to our studies. When he returns from duty, he inquire of school home works. Sometimes help us in school works.

My mother is a teacher. She is very talkative and intelligent. Being a teacher she never let us waste our time. Most of the times, my mother make me memorize school home works.

My elder brothers are university students. My eldest brother is doing masters while second eldest is doing bachelors degree at university. I and my younger sister study in same school.

I am in class nine while she is in class eighth.I have a baby sister. She is a toddler. She is the heart of all family members.

My uncle is also a government employee. He is in excise and taxation department. He is married. He has three children, two sons and one daughter. My aunt is very helpful in nature. She is very keen of music. She watches TV and is very interested in watching drama serials.

My grandparents are the head of our family. Most of our family decisions are taken with their consent. They play an important role in the balance of my family.

This is my sweet family. I love my all family members and we all live together and help one another. God bless our family always.

14. Thankful For My Family Essay, My Family is My Support Essay

There is no one on this planet earth who do not faces hardships and difficulties. Life is the name of ups and downs.
I am very thankful to my family who always stood by me through thick and thin. My family members didn’t make me feel alone and lonely.

They have provided unconditional support to me. I have achieved success with their support and help. All achievements that I have made and hope to make. I owe to my parents who guided me and supported me on every walk of life.

Behind my success there is the back of my family. Sometimes I tried to hide my problems from my family but they understood my problems and supported me.

From every point of view my family has potentially helped solve my problems and issues. They encouraged me and helped me achieve success at all junctions of life. Since my childhood they are the pillars of my success.

It is my family and my parents who has provided financial support and raised my status. Above all, they have made me a good human. I have learnt all social values from my family. Since these values are very important to succeed in life.

15. A Memorable Day Spent Out With My Family Essay

Once I happened to go with my family to visit a mountainous area in rainy season. It was monsoon season. There had been frequent rains few days earlier. My father planned a trip to visit Himalayas mountain ranges.

My Family Essays |13+ Essays, Paragraphs & Speeches - Ten4Kids (5)

We had to leave at the very next day. We all made all preparations of trip. My mother woke up early in the morning. She cooked food and put bread and mutton curry in Tiffin Boxes, while we packed the luggage. We set off at 7 o’clock sharp. On the way to Himalayas I enjoyed a lot.

It took around eight hours to reach there, when we landed from car, we found snow caps all around. My father told me that the word Himalayas means the abode of snow. He future told me that the word Himalayas is from sanskrit language.

In Himalayas mountain range there are many highest peaks. My father told me that there are more than 100 peaks with height more than 7000m in the Himalayas range.

My father showed us the Nanga Parbat and other highest peaks of this range. He told us that the highest peak of the world Mount Everest lies in the Himalayan range in Nepal.

He further added that Himalayas mountain ranges are the source of water of great rivers like Ganges, Brahmaputra and Indus. These large water bodies get water from this range.

We enjoyed climbing small peaks of Himalayas range and played with snow balls. My mother served us food there. We all ate food together and enjoyed taking meal at a peak of small mountain. I can’t forget that day. That is one of the memorable day of my life spent out with my family.

16. My Family Speech

My family is an asset to me. All that I have achieved I owe everything to my family. My family has supported me in tough times and encouraged me to reach to this position. I am proud of my family because all social values that I have right now, are instilled in me through my family.

It is my family which made me a good and responsible citizen. Man is blind without moral values. And the one who is deprived of moral values, resembles an animal.

The lessons of morality are taught in a family. When I compare myself with other boys, I find myself more civilized than many other boys. It is my family which made me civilized, disciplined and a good human.

My family is a role model for the society. The basic and smallest unit of society is family. A corrupt family makes society corrupt on the other hand a well disciplined and civilized family gives birth to a civilized and traditional society.

My family is my first school. The lessons that I learnt from my family members are taught in any school. To me my father is my hero. He is the very person who stood by me through thick and thin.

Whenever I committed any mistake instead of punishing and daunting he instructed me and rectified my mistakes. Slowly and gradually I came on the right desired track. My father is the head of my family. It is obligatory upon me to follow his dictations.

It is an axiomatic truth that parents always dictate and command us what is right and suitable for us. Even parents can’t intend to harm their kids. Their advice is a blessing. One who walks on the suggested path of parents never goes astray.

The selfless love of my mother enabled me stand on my feet. Her sincere prayers and her sacrifices didn’t go in vain. She sacrificed her own desires and needs to see me successful.

She is an inspiration to me. I have learnt to love selflessly from my mother. A selfish can not excel in life. I have been groomed under the umbrella of my mother’s selfless love.

I hate selfish motives in life. Greed and selfishness makes a man weak. My mother has inculcated selfless love in my being. Where ever I go and stand, I stand upright. I envy none and none envies me.

My family has blessed me with such elements which are my real strength. I personally believe that one who aspire to be great, needs to learn the sentiments of selfless love, mutual care, sincerity and kindness from his or her family.

There are many collective benefits of a family. One become responsible being in a family. I consider my family as an important social institution.

My current identity is with my family. My family is my life. I will end my speech with a quote that “A family is a place where you can be yourself, it is a place where you are accepted for what you are” Thanks for listening me.

17. 3 Minutes Short Speech My Family

Good Morning to all! Today I have got an opportunity to talk about my family. My family is the basic pillar of my success. I had been an immature, unable person. My family made me mature and able one.

I remember a few years ago I knew nothing. All my actions and reactions were self-centered. The day I started growing sense of sanity, I realized that I being an educated one stood nowhere in my own eyes.

I belong to a very poor family. My parents are uneducated one. Though they didn’t study in any school like me and nor they ever took any book in their hand but they possessed those qualities which I rarely find in highly educated one.

Both my father and mother are very simple, very honest and very helpful in nature. Even they fear to hurt animals. They are very mindful and sincere. My mother is the kindness itself.

She always teaches me to be polite and kind to others. My father always provide physical help to neighbors. He advises me to be good to neighbors and to respect elders.

My father is a shopkeeper. He works very hard with sincerity and dedication. My mother is the teacher by profession. She teaches kids at a nearby school

I am the only son to them. My parents have always stood by my side. They afforded my education expenditures and provided me everything that I desired.

I am very grateful to God who bestowed me with such affectionate parents who sacrificed everything and worked day and night to brighten my future.

However harder I try, I can’t repay their sacrifices which they have paid to make me reach at this position. I love my parents. They are my identity. May God bless them long life.

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[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is Family in Simple and Easy words?” answer-0=” The Family, in simple and easy words, is a union of people bonded by any relation like father, mother, siblings and other near relatives. Members of a family live under one share or in house and share common feelings or love and respect for each other. In simple words a family is composed of father, mother, their sibling etc ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What are the main types of Family?” answer-1=” There are four common Types of Family Setup 1. Nuclear Family 2. Joint or Extended Family 3. Single Parent Family 4. Step Family or Blended Family.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Why Family is important?” answer-2=” A family is very important pillar of society. It has a lot of roles and responsibilities. Among them, the chief responsibilities of a family include; raising children and socializing them with good moral, values and ethics of life. A strong family system is the foundation of a successful nation. Therefore, is a unique and important pillar of a social setup.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What are the qualities of an ideal family?” answer-3=” An Ideal Family has some qualities including the following; 1. Existence of mutual love and harmony among all family members. 2. There is complete trust and sincerity between the parents. 3. Everyone is discharging their duties sincerely. 4. Family members are ready to give any sacrifice for each other. 5. The children of happy family are performing well in both academic and non academic domains 6. There is stronger discipline and dedication among all family members. G. All important decisions in an ideal family is taken with the mutual consent. Everyone is heard. ” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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