Keynote for PC - Free Download: Windows 7,8,10 Edition - Free Download (2023)

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1. Easy-to-use tools let you add tables, charts, shapes, photos, and videos to slides—and bring it all to life with cinematic animations and transitions that look as though they were created by your own special effects team.

2. Easily create gorgeous presentations with Keynote, featuring powerful yet easy-to-use tools and dazzling effects that will make you a very hard act to follow.

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Keynote for PC - Free Download: Windows 7,8,10 Edition - Free Download (1) Keynote for PC - Free Download: Windows 7,8,10 Edition - Free Download (2) Keynote for PC - Free Download: Windows 7,8,10 Edition - Free Download (3) Keynote for PC - Free Download: Windows 7,8,10 Edition - Free Download (4) Keynote for PC - Free Download: Windows 7,8,10 Edition - Free Download (5) Keynote for PC - Free Download: Windows 7,8,10 Edition - Free Download (6) Keynote for PC - Free Download: Windows 7,8,10 Edition - Free Download (7) Keynote for PC - Free Download: Windows 7,8,10 Edition - Free Download (8) Keynote for PC - Free Download: Windows 7,8,10 Edition - Free Download (9) Keynote for PC - Free Download: Windows 7,8,10 Edition - Free Download (10)

Download and install Keynote on your computer

(Video) Using Keynote and other apple's softwares for free in Windows 7,8 and 10

Hurray! Seems an app like keynote is available for Windows! Download below:

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Or follow the guide below to use on PC:

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Select Windows version:

  1. Windows 7-10
  2. Windows 11

Learn how to install and use the Keynote app on your PC or Mac in 4 simple steps below:

  1. Download an Android emulator for PC and Mac:
    Get either Bluestacks or the Nox App >> . We recommend Bluestacks because you can easily find solutions online if you run into problems while using it. Download Bluestacks Pc or Mac software Here >> .

  2. Install the emulator on your PC or Mac:
    On your computer, goto the Downloads folder » click to install Bluestacks.exe or Nox.exe » Accept the License Agreements » Follow the on-screen prompts to complete installation.

  3. Using Keynote on PC [Windows 7/ 8/8.1/ 10/ 11]:
  • Open the Emulator app you installed » goto its search bar and search "Keynote"
  • The search will reveal the Keynote app icon. Open, then click "Install".
  • Once Keynote is downloaded inside the emulator, locate/click the "All apps" icon to access a page containing all your installed applications including Keynote.
  • Now enjoy Keynote on PC.

  • Using Keynote on Mac OS:
    Install Keynote on your Mac using the same steps for Windows OS above.
  • Need help? contact us here →

    How to download and install Keynote on Windows 11

    To use Keynote mobile app on Windows 11, install the Amazon Appstore. This enables you browse and install android apps from a curated catalog. Here's how:

    1. Check device compatibility
    • RAM: 8GB (minimum), 16GB (recommended)
    • Storage: SSD
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 8th Gen (minimum), AMD Ryzen 3000 (minimum) or Qualcomm Snapdragon 8c (minimum)
    • Processor architecture: x64 or ARM64

  • Check if there's a native Keynote Windows app ». If none, proceed to next step.

  • Install the Amazon-Appstore ».
    • Click on "Get" to begin installation. It also automatically installs Windows Subsystem for Android.
    • After installation, Goto Windows Start Menu or Apps list » Open the Amazon Appstore » Login (with Amazon account)

  • Install Keynote on Windows 11:
    • After login, search "Keynote" in search bar. On the results page, open and install Keynote.
    • After installing, Goto Start menu » Recommended section » Keynote. OR Goto Start menu » "All apps".

    Keynote On iTunes

    Download Developer Rating Score Current version Adult Ranking
    Free On iTunes Apple 12.2 4+
    (Video) How to run Keynote Free on PC Windows Computer

    Download on Android
    Download Android

    Thank you for reading this tutorial. Have a nice day!

    Software Features and Description

    Easily create gorgeous presentations with this app, featuring powerful yet easy-to-use tools and dazzling effects that will make you a very hard act to follow.The Theme Chooser lets you skim through an impressive collection of over 40 Apple-designed themes. Easy-to-use tools let you add text, tables, charts, shapes, photos, and videos to slides—and bring it all to life with cinematic animations and transitions. Add live video to your slideshow and appear right on your slides. Confidently present to your audience from anywhere, in person or virtually, and take turns controlling a presentation in multi-presenter slideshows. Collaborate with others at the same time• With real-time collaboration, your whole team can work together on a presentation at the same time on Mac, iPad, iPhone,and iPod touch—even on a PC• Share your presentation publicly or with specific people, see who’s currently in the presentation with you, and view other people’s cursors to follow their edits• Available on presentations stored in iCloud or in BoxCreate stunning presentations• Choose from over 40 Apple-designed themes to give your presentations a beautiful start• Use the slide navigator to quickly skim through your presentation, add new slides, and reorder slides•Use the built-in camera or a connected device to add live video right on your slides• Engage your audience with interactive charts and chart animations• Quickly add photos and videos from the Photos app using the Media Browser or any of over 700 editable shapes• Add an interactive image gallery to view a collection of photos• Use Instant Alpha to easily remove image backgrounds•Import and edit Microsoft PowerPoint presentationsCinema-quality animations• Beautiful cinematic slide transitions and impressive text and object animations• Magic Move effect to effortlessly animate and morph graphics• Emphasis builds let you add impact with one click• See live on-canvas previews as you animate your slidesPresent to your audience• Rehearse a presentation with current slide, presenter notes, and timer all in one view• Present on an external display or projector, or stream wirelessly using AirPlay and Apple TV• Present over video conference and view presenter notes, current and upcoming slides, and slide navigation in a separate window•Use multi-presenter slideshows to let participants take turns controlling a shared presentation from their own device• Control your slideshow from iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or iPod touch• Create self-running, interactive shows for kiosks and displaysiCloud• Turn on iCloud so you can access and edit your presentations from your Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and from a Mac or PC browser at• this app automatically saves your presentations as you make changesShare a copy of your work• Export presentations to Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, movies, and image files• Use AirDrop to send your presentation to anyone nearbySome features may require Internet access; additional fees and terms may apply.

    Top Pcmac Reviews

    • Lots to like about KeyNote but...

      By Supermagnetman (Pcmac user)

      One thing that is extremely annoying is that this app is missing the “Save AS” feature. Apparently the people writing this app are not familiar with this concept. I use this app every week to do my Sunday School lesson for my class. It has a lot of things that I like but I always open the previous week’s lesson and update everything and then I want to Save As - as I have been able to do in every other app on Macs since the original Word and Excel apps from the 1980s. The writers of this app think that I should think of it differently and first open it, then remember to “duplicate” it and then Rename it. That is a far less intuitive way to work and does not make sense - at all. Maybe someone somewhere in Apple will read this and have an “Opps” monent and restore this functionality.

      (Video) Apple iWork: Pages, Numbers and Keynote on Windows PC

    • Awesome and free

      By CowInvasion1 (Pcmac user)

      Ok, This app may often fall under that shadow of the "almighty" microsoft Powerpoint. But it has almost, maybe even as much, maybe even more features than Powerpoint. But you want a simple, easy to understand reason why this app is better? Well, this app is free. Now how much is Powerpoint? Not 10, not 20, not 40, but 140 dollars. I am not joking. Sure, you could buy office, which is less. But not free. The cheapest plans are 70 dollars a year or a 150 dollars one time purchase, which is even more than powerpoint. But let's move on from the price. Sure, there are reported issues. But they're more annoyances than roadblocks, and I've never actually encountered any of them, except for the having to update thing but all that requires you to do is, well, update this app. And, there are complaints for Powerpoint too. So, the conclusion is, Don't buy Powerpoint. Use this for free.

    • Update adds and takes away.

      By Eberg1133 (Pcmac user)

      this app has been recieveing some big updates recently: the object list, text masking, and collaborative enhancements have made it an incredible design and storytelling tool. Other features are added that take away some of its functionality and have left me (a power user) feeling frustrated. One example: the new 'face detection' feature. This feature is intended to make masking images of humans easier by centering the content on ther face. sounds great on paper, however the feature was implemented with zero options, parameters, or variables. This means that if you are creating a custom shape (to cut out a person or achieve another artistic effect) the subject is repositioned within the mask. This is incredibly frutrating and feels like a major step backwards. Please Apple this app team - if you read this review (or the other feedback I have submitted) add an option to disable face detection,.

    • Quirky and unstable

      By Mickey Schafman (Pcmac user)

      I’ve been using this app for “slide” presentations for a dozen years or so, and I always do so with great trepidation. I’m sitting here now having been working all afternoon on a presentation that must be done in three days. I constantly save my project offsite because you never know when this app is going to simply quit or drop photos or do something that’s unexplainable. Today, it began telling me that Autosave no longer was working, so I frequently did a manual save. Suddenly, this app dumped on me, trashing most (but not all) of my work. I opened my offsite saved copy, which was largely intact, but there were still a couple of missing photos. A prompt came up that said something to the effect “Your images may not look the same.” Huh? I’ve been trying to download the newest version now for about a half hour, but it won’t complete the download. I guess I’m going to have to switch to PowerPoint. Sad.

      (Video) How to get iWork/Pages/Numbers/ Keynote Permanently on older iMac or MacBook.


    Can I download Keynote for PC? ›

    Is Keynote compatible with Windows? Yes, it is perfectly possible and very straightforward to create, edit and run Keynote presentations in Windows.

    Is Keynote free to download? ›

    Awesome and free

    But you want a simple, easy to understand reason why Keynote is better? Well, Keynote is free.

    How do I get an older version of Keynote? ›

    With the presentation manager in browse view, tap Select at the top of the screen, then tap the presentation (a checkmark appears). Tap Versions at the top of the screen. Tap a previous version to select it. Tap Preview.

    How do I download the Keynote app on Windows? ›

    By logging in with your Apple ID on you will be able to use Keynote on Windows. This is a browser based edition for Keynote which is similar to the PowerPoint Online web app provided by Microsoft. Other than Keynote, iCloud also gives a web based version for other iWork apps including; Pages and Numbers.

    Does Keynote work on Chrome? ›

    Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for iCloud works with a Mac or PC using Safari 11.1. 2 or later, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.

    What is the Microsoft version of Keynote? ›

    Microsoft Sway is a presentation program and is part of the Microsoft Office family of products. Categories in common with Keynote: Presentation.

    Is Pages and Keynote free? ›

    Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are programs comparable to Microsoft Word and Google Docs. They are free with any Apple device, with mobile apps for iPad and iPhone.

    How do I download a Keynote file? ›

    Click Keynote. In the presentation manager, click the More button on the file you want to convert, then choose Download a Copy. If you have the presentation open, click the Tools button in the toolbar, then choose Download a Copy. Choose a format for the presentation.

    Can Keynote be used offline? ›

    Keynote is an offline app available for both desktop and mobile. While it offers cloud storage and lets you sync your presentations between devices, there's no online version you can use to create or view presentations.

    How do I download an older version of a program? ›

    Although it's not something you should do regularly due to potential security issues, there will always be times when you might need to download old versions of software and apps.
    The 10 Best Sites to Download Older Versions of Software
    1. OldVersion. ...
    2. APKMirror. ...
    3. Softonic. ...
    4. FileHippo. ...
    5. FileHorse. ...
    6. APKPure.
    28 Sept 2021

    Is it possible to get an older version of an app? ›

    That means while you'll be able to uninstall the current version of a given app, you won't be able to re-install an older version manually, and there's no simple workaround.

    How do I revert to an older version of a newer version? ›

    Get the latest Android updates available for you
    1. Open your phone's Settings app.
    2. Near the bottom, tap System. System update.
    3. You'll see your update status. Follow any steps on the screen.

    Can I use Keynote Online? ›

    With Keynote for iCloud, you can create, edit, and share presentations on Learn how to do any of the following with Keynote on on a computer: Create a presentation. Add a slide transition.

    Is Keynote a Google app? ›

    Keynote is not available for Android but there are some alternatives with similar functionality. The best Android alternative is Microsoft Powerpoint. It's not free, so if you're looking for a free alternative, you could try Google Slides or emaze.

    What is Google's version of Keynote? ›

    Google Slides, however, is quickly overtaking the pack to become one of the most popular presentation development programs the world over.

    Which is better Keynote or PowerPoint? ›

    Keynote allows you to easily integrate sounds and videos into your project, something that may be quite frustrating to do in PowerPoint. Better usability. Keynote is easier to take up for a first-time user, and there are more customizing options that, however, don't litter your toolbar. Product integration.

    Is Google Slides better than Keynote? ›

    If you are an Apple user and you want to create a stunning presentation without looking for templates – Keynote might be the right solution. However, if collaboration is important for you and your team works on different types of devices, Google Slides is the safer option.

    Is PowerPoint same as Keynote? ›

    PowerPoint and Keynote are both features of office suites and standalone software. PowerPoint is included in MS Office and is available for PC and Mac. Keynote is part of Apple iWork and is exclusively for Mac. Both are commercial software, although a free PowerPoint viewer is available.

    Is Keynote for Mac only? ›

    Learn about features and discover all that Keynote can do on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

    Which is better Keynote or Pages? ›

    Since Pages is a dedicated word processing program, its features for creating long, text-based documents far outweigh those in PowerPoint and Keynote. The default layout for creating and printing documents in Pages is portrait, while it is landscape for PowerPoint and Keynote.

    Is Keynote part of Microsoft? ›

    Keynote is a presentation software application developed as a part of the iWork productivity suite by Apple Inc.

    What is Apple's version of office? ›

    iWork is an office suite of applications created by Apple Inc. for its macOS and iOS operating systems, and also available cross-platform through the iCloud website. It includes the presentation application Keynote, the word processing and desktop publishing application Pages, and the spreadsheet application Numbers.

    Is Keynote owned by Microsoft? ›

    Keynote is a default Apple application used for creating presentations. There is no Keynote for Windows application.

    Does Keynote Open on Windows? ›

    Keynote is an Apple program and therefore only available for Apple Mac and iDevices only, there is no Windows version. Since Keynote must be installed on the computer you are using to play Keynote files, windows can not playback any Keynote files.

    How do I save a Keynote to my desktop? ›

    Click on the service menu on top of your screen File > Save. Enter a name in the Save As field. Add tags if you want to. To choose where to save the presentation, click the arrow next to the Where pop-up menu, then choose a location in the dialog.

    Can Keynote be saved as a PDF? ›

    Convert Keynote files using an Apple device.

    Open the File menu on the top toolbar. Click Export To and choose PDF. Click Next. Rename and Export your Keynote presentation.

    How do I edit a Keynote presentation? ›

    in the toolbar, then choose Edit Slide Layout. Click to select the slide layout you want to edit. Click the text you want to change, such as Slide Title or Slide Subtitle, then in the Format sidebar, click the Style tab. In the text box next to Display, type what you want the display text to say.

    How do I convert a PDF to Keynote for free? ›

    How to Convert PDF to Keynote Online? Select a PDF and upload it to PDF to Keynote converter. Click on the 'Start Conversion' button, the conversion will start instantly. Download the converted Keynote file when the conversion is finished.

    Where can I download full versions of software? ›

    Just make sure you're on the official page.
    • Ninite.
    • Softpedia.
    • MajorGeeks.
    • FileHippo.
    • Download Crew.
    • FileHorse.
    • FilePuma.
    • SnapFiles.

    How can I access an older version? ›

    8 Tools to View Old Versions of Any Website
    1. Wayback Machine. Wayback Machine is the go-to source for finding old web pages. ...
    2. archive. today. ...
    3. OldWeb. today. ...
    4. Library of Congress. ...
    5. Search Engines Cached Pages. ...
    6. Web Cache Viewer. ...
    7. UK Web Archive. ...
    8. Memento Time Travel.
    15 Apr 2022

    How do I install an older version of an app without updating it? ›

    Step 1: Download and install the older version of the App on your Device.
    1. Step 2: Download the APK Editor app from Google Play Store.
    2. Step 3: Open Google Play Store and search for the app. ...
    3. Step 4: Now open APK Editor App and click on ”Select APK from APP”.
    6 Jun 2021

    How do I install Facebook on my iPhone 6? ›

    Install Facebook
    1. Find "App Store" Press App Store.
    2. Install Facebook. Press GET and follow the instructions on the screen to install Facebook.
    3. Return to the home screen.

    How do I downgrade an app without uninstalling it? ›

    How to downgrade an Android app (and keep the existing data)
    1. Download the APK file for the version that you want to downgrade to.
    2. Move the APK file to your device.
    3. Enter the shell of your device (via either ADB from a PC or on-device)
    4. Send the “pm install” command with the “-d” flag and the path to the APK file.

    How do I install apps on an old iPad? ›

    All you need to do is power on your old device and open up the App Store. From there, click on the profile icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. It should have your profile picture or your initials on a gray background. From there, you can tap on the Purchased button.

    Why is my previous versions empty? ›

    There are several possible reasons if Previous versions tab is empty for files and folders. The file has not been changed. Previous versions are only available for files that have been modified. A restore point or backup has not been made since the file was changed.

    What does go back to previous version mean? ›

    Hi Grace, the message 'Go back to the previous version' generally means that the latest large update has not completed and your system will be reverted back to the previous major built . . .

    Can I reverse system Update? ›

    You can't downgrade most phones

    That still doesn't mean it will work, though. Frequently, a new version will first install a new version of the bootloader, and it won't flash software that's older, nor it will not allow you to re-flash the older bootloader.

    Can I open Keynote files in PowerPoint? ›

    If you want to open a Keynote presentation in another app like Microsoft PowerPoint, use Keynote to convert the presentation to the appropriate format. Open the Keynote presentation that you want to convert. Choose File > Export To, then select the format.

    Is Keynote an app? ›

    Keynote is the most powerful presentation app ever designed for a mobile device. Start with an Apple-designed theme and add text, images, charts, tables, and shapes with just a few taps. Draw and write with Apple Pencil on iPad, or use your finger.

    Can I make a presentation in Keynote? ›

    Choose one of our beautiful keynote templates or pick a theme under the Presentations category. Customize text, fonts, colors, photos, icons, charts, data visualization tools and so much more inside the Keynote presentation maker. Add, remove or rearrange slides to help guide your keynote presentation design.

    Is Keynote free on iOS? ›

    Finally, Keynote is free for Apple users! Unlike Microsoft products such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, Keynote is part of the iWork suite, and it is completely free. Be sure you have the latest version of the app on your iPhone to create your slides and watch your presentations come to life as you use Keynote.

    What are disadvantages of using Keynote? ›

    If you're trying to learn the program on your own, it can be a bit tricky; help files for Keynote are not as comprehensive as those from Microsoft. Since it is less ubiquitous, Google results aren't much additional help. Perhaps the most major drawback is that you can only access Keynote on a Mac.

    Is Keynote included on Mac? ›

    With its powerful tools and dazzling effects, Keynote makes it easy to create stunning and memorable presentations, and comes included with most Apple devices.

    Which is better PPT or Keynote? ›

    To answer shortly — it depends on what you really want. For the basic presentations both are good, so choose the one you feel more comfortable with. For more advanced stuff, it depends on what you prioritize more — if it is design, then Keynote is best, but if you want better customization, choose PowerPoint.

    Is PowerPoint and Keynote the same? ›

    PowerPoint and Keynote are both features of office suites and standalone software. PowerPoint is included in MS Office and is available for PC and Mac. Keynote is part of Apple iWork and is exclusively for Mac. Both are commercial software, although a free PowerPoint viewer is available.

    How do I open a Keynote File on a PC? ›

    Keynote files can be opened from a Windows computer after they are uploaded to Keynote for iCloud. To start using Keynote on a Windows computer, create an iCloud account. After log-in to iCloud, select Keynote from the start screen and either create a new Keynote file, or upload an existing Keynote file for editing.

    Which is better Google slides or Keynote? ›

    However, if collaboration is important for you and your team works on different types of devices, Google Slides is the safer option. If you found this article useful, why don't you have a look at some of our other articles: The Best Free Infographic Templates in 2022 for Every Software.

    How long does a Keynote last? ›

    Most speakers deliver presentations that are 60-90 minutes long and are fairly flexible if the agenda changes on the event day and they need to add or deduct 10-15 minutes to their speech.

    What is Keynote best for? ›

    Keynote is part of Apple's iWord productivity suite. It was designed especially for Mac and iPhone/iPad users. It lets you create memorable presentations of any Apple device. You can even create diagrams and illustrations on your iPad using Apple Pencil.

    How do I convert a PowerPoint to Keynote? ›

    To open Keynote, click the Keynote icon in the Dock, Launchpad or the Applications folder. If the theme chooser doesn't appear, click New Document in the bottom-left corner of the dialogue.
    Create a presentation from a theme
    1. Add a slide: Click. ...
    2. Add text: Double-click placeholder text and type your own.

    Which tool is best for presentation? ›

    List of best presentations tools
    1. Canva. Canva is a graphic design platform offering organizations a variety of professionally designed templates for their presentations. ...
    2. Visme. ...
    3. PowerPoint. ...
    4. Powtoon. ...
    5. SlideCamp. ...
    6. Prezi. ...
    7. VideoScribe. ...
    8. Haiku Deck.
    18 Oct 2021

    Is PDF or PPT better? ›

    PowerPoint trumps PDF delivery in all aspects of attention-grabbing. With PowerPoint, animations can be added within slides, 3D models can come alive, and morphing techniques can be applied between different slides to add a lot of visual interest.


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