13 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch and Stream Movies (2023)

13 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch and Stream Movies (1)

Love watching movies? In many online streaming apps, you can access anything with one click. But the sad news is that you can’t get these streaming services for free. And the subscriptions are costly to afford as well. But you need not worry about them anymore.

After a lot of research, we compiled a list of some fantastic free movie apps to watch movies online. The best part is that these free movie apps are entirely legal, and there is nothing called piracy in them. Well, without any trash talk further, here are the best free movie apps to watch tons of movies legally.

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Best Free Movie Apps To Watch Movies in 2022

We’ve shared our list of the ten best free movie apps in this list. The listed apps are officially available on Android and iOS on their respective app stores, i.e., Google Play Store and App Store, respectively. You wouldn’t need to install in APKs from third-party sources, whether Android or iOS. Although some apps might have separate subscription plans, you might subscribe to them if you find them exciting and cheap. Let’s begin with the list without any delays.

1. Tubi TV (Free)

13 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch and Stream Movies (2)

Tubi TV is one of the best free movie apps, without a doubt. It comes with a vast catalog of movies sorted into their respective genres like horror, romance, thriller, and many more. It is also up to date constantly. It is because of the partnership with some of the biggest Hollywood Studios. Those include Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, and many more.

On the other hand, the movies are high-quality and play as smooth as butter. The good part is that all the movies come with subtitles included. Another great thing about Tubi TV is its no hidden subscriptions. All you need to do is create a free account, and you are good to enjoy movies for free.

2. Crackle (Free)

13 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch and Stream Movies (3)

Crackle is another one among excellent free movie apps. Crackle comes from the house of Sony Pictures. Like Sony Pictures, it lives up to its reputation for providing great content. It comes with one of the best movies out there, from classic movies to recent movies.

The free movies available come with ads, and you might have to endure them for free movies. Don’t worry; the ads aren’t intrusive, and they seem to be a fair price to pay. You get access to all the movies produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment, and it’s incredible. Before trying this app, the only thing to consider is its availability in the USA and Australia only. If you are from the mentioned countries, you’ll enjoy the wide variety of movies for free.

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3. OneBox HD

13 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch and Stream Movies (4)

OneBox HD is another free movie app on this list that offers the latest movies and TV Shows. You can choose from multiple genres like action, comedy, documentary, family, and more. You can search the movies you want to watch, and it lets you watch them anytime, anywhere for free.

However, you’ll need an external player to watch these movies. In addition to these features, OneBox HD supports Google Chromecast; hence, you can cast your favorite movies on your TV with HDMI support. OneBox HD is one of the free movie apps you can get right now.

4. Popcornflix (Free)

13 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch and Stream Movies (5)

Popcornflix is one of the best free movie apps with a massive collection of movies. It is available worldwide instead of limited to specific countries. It has a wide range of titles for streaming in various video qualities for free of cost. The best part of the app is that it works even on slow internet connections without any hassles.

The app is snappy to use, and the streaming is very smooth. Apart from the free movies, you can see exclusive content from Popcornflix called Pocornflix Originals. Keep in mind that the movie player is a little annoying, but it is full of features and plays videos smoothly. Along with movies, Popcornflix allows you to stream TV shows for free.

5. Crunchyroll, Funimation, VRV (Variable Pricing)

13 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch and Stream Movies (6)

Crunchyroll, Funimation, and VRV are the best in class for streaming anime to some additional content. These are some free movie apps that can cover your anime needs. Crunchyroll presents anime in subbed format mostly. Similarly, Funimation covers anime in dubbed form. VRV, on the other hand, deals with both subbed and dubbed anime needs.

They do have ads since it is free to some extent. You can watch some free anime, but you won’t get them at the same time as paying subscribers. A minor delay is better than spending a few bucks. Along with anime, you get to see some indie content on some of these apps, like old Nickelodeon shows, for example. According to your preferences, you can choose whichever you like.

6. Pluto TV (Free)

13 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch and Stream Movies (7)
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Pluto is yet another one of the best free movie apps available. It’s feature-rich and offers tons of content, including movies and TV shows for free. Owned by Viacom Inc., Pluto TV has unique content that you won’t find in other apps. To access these, all you need to do is register for a free account where you don’t get asked for any credit card details. And that’s it, and you’re all set to go.

As a part of the app, you’ll see some ads in exchange. It will be a small fee to pay for the free movies and TV shows you’re enjoying. The User Interface is friendly and easy to use as well. Pluto TV is recommended for you if you’re looking for a massive collection of movies to stream online.

7. Yidio (Variable Pricing)

13 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch and Stream Movies (8)

Yidio isn’t a streaming app itself, although it is one of the free movie apps. Yidio lets you search for any movie, and it points to the sources, which include other free movie platforms. Supporting more than 300 streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and many more, Yidio gets you covered.

It has a vast library of content, which makes sense because of the aggregation of content from other apps. The only thing you might consider is that Yidio will mention many subscription-based services. It might lead you to search for the exemplary service to play those free movies for you.

8. Vudu (Free)

13 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch and Stream Movies (9)

Vudu is yet another fantastic app for the streaming of free movies. It has a vast collection of titles that you wouldn’t see on any other free movie app. It is because of the ad-supported system it has. It means you’ll encounter some ads before you get to present with the free movie itself.

Vudu is one of the free movie apps that give you access to many movies without paying a dime from your pocket. If you want to browse the vast catalog of movies, you’ve to sign in to this app. You will have the choice to watch the movies for free in your preferred quality once you’re signed in. Just remember to choose the “Free” tab while looking for free movies, or else the app will show you some paid ones released recently.

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9. SnagFilms (Free)

13 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch and Stream Movies (10)

SnagFilms is another one of those free movie apps, which is excellent for watching independent movies and documentaries. There is a massive collection of documentaries on SnagFilms, and the quality is impressive. The selection of movies and documentaries is of high quality, and it keeps growing every day.

It is available for free since it has ads, which might annoy you a little, but you know nothing comes for free. Since the catalog basis is on indie movies and classic films, one might not expect the most miniature film releases on SnagFilms. Give SnagFilms a try, and you wouldn’t be disappointed at all.

10. Disney+ Hotstar (Variable Pricing)

13 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch and Stream Movies (11)

Hotstar is a paradise for Indian movie lovers and is popular among free movie apps. It offers many TV shows, movies, and sports accessible to primarily India. Hotstar, an entity of the Star TV Network, gets access to different content.

The collection available on Hotstar is free as well as paid. The free collection of movies and TV shows isn’t bad at all. The premium subscription will give you access to international movies and TV shows. Give it a try for free if you haven’t yet.

11. Kodi (Free)

13 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch and Stream Movies (12)

Kodi is a media server application that acts as one of the free movie apps letting you access your offline media content on your device from other devices. Kodi has one fantastic trick, which comes in the name of add-ons. It has a vast library of add-ons, making your experience better on the app.

But some add-ons still provide you access to free movies. Although we don’t encourage piracy in any terms, you shouldn’t too if you want to be on the right side. Apart from that, you’ll also come across add-ons like USTVNow, letting you watch TV channels and movies for free.

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12. FilmRise (Free)

13 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch and Stream Movies (13)

If you are looking for more than just free movies, FilmRise is for you. FilmRise is a streaming service that gives you access to free movies and TV shows. The User Interface is spotless and comfortable to use as well. The app’s home screen greets you with some great movies when you log in.

FilmRise has a vast collection of movies and TV shows. You’ll see some minor ads before you get to watch the movie for yourself. The downside is that most movies available on this app are classic ones. The latest ones are a rarity on this app.

13. Movie Anywhere (Free)

13 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch and Stream Movies (14)

Movie Anywhere is one of the best free movie apps which lets you watch thousands of movies for free. The best part, all of them are in Full HD quality. The app contains several movie titles along with its trailers and description. Along with these, the app provides links to the respective movies by linking out to external sources like Netflix, Prime Video, and much more.

It contains the top-rated for each week to choose some fantastic movies to watch every week. No doubt, it is one of the best apps you can try to watch free movie apps on your smartphone.

Enjoy Free Movie Apps on Your Device

Coming to free movie apps, you should consider reading their terms and conditions along with privacy policies. Copyright is a big concern when it comes to free movie apps. All the apps mentioned on this list are legal and provide free movies at no extra cost.

All the apps mentioned on this list might not be available in your country. You might consider connecting to a VPN before you log in. It is always better than just using modded APKs. So why are you still waiting? Go ahead and try these apps out and enjoy free movies on demand. If you still have any queries regarding this post, you can leave them in the comments below.


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